August. 19, 2019 Southgerman newspaper

Darlene Ann Dobisch shines as a brisk queen of the night with sparkling clean coloratura and bomb-proof top tones.

Jan. 19, 2018 Amberg News: "Breaking´Mozart"

“Darlene Ann Dobisch is presented here as a simply fantastic queen of the night, who portrays the famous arias... with brilliant a staggeringly poised manner and who is inserted very fittingly into the dance routine.”

18. September-2015 Schaffausen News: "Breaking´Mozart"
"This cross-over project goes, no, dances from pinnacle to pinnacle. One of these pinnacles is the performance of Darlene Ann Dobisch, who seduces poor Mozart. She interprets the Aria from "The Magic Flute" expressively and with clear, bell-like tones."
13. March-2015 Worcester und Gazette: "Bach, St.Johannespassion"
"Darlene Dobisch was delightful...(and) left us all wanting to hear more of her singing."
7. January-2015 News Survey Henstedt-Ulzburg:
"The soprano Darlene Ann Dobisch proved not only to possess a high quality voice with breathtaking coloratura, but WAS also able to skillfully place herself into the right setting for each piece."
6. January-2015 Seegeberg Newspaper: Silvester Gala concert with the Hamburg Chamber Soloists
“The coloratura Aria of the “Queen of the Night” could not have been presented better or more radiantly that from the spirited Darlene Ann Dobisch”
1. March 2014 Berlin News: Breaking´Mozart, Premiere conservatory theater
"Soprano Darlene Ann Dobisch sang Queen of the Night coloratura with verve and blended well between the dancers in a fervor of excellent acting.”
8. June 2013 Gala Concert with Arias from Rossini, Verdi and Strauss
"Top Soloists - The audience was served sweeping arias, often accompanied by the tooting of ship's horns. If that wasn't already enchanting enough, they were completely carried away by the voice of Darlene Ann Dobisch. The soprano's performance was wildly cheered, both as a soloist and in duets with the tenor, Lemuel Cuento. A pleasure for the ears."
3. June 2013 Mainpost: Breaking´Mozart
"The young soprano, Darlene Ann Dobisch, with her impeccably pure coloratura, contributed to the program with a highly amusing (re)interpretation of the Queen of the Night."
4. March 2013 Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Mozart, c-moll Messe
"The execution of trills, turns and rapid scale and arpeggio passages… in the extremes of the vocal range… were of no concern for the accomplished soprano soloist, Darlene Dobisch, who tossed them off with ease, with radiant tone color and a remarkable evenness of quality throughout her vocal range. Her cadenza in the dialog with the woodwinds in the ‘et incarnatus est,’ was nothing short of spectacular."
23. February 2013 Opera Basch, St.Johannespassion
Darlene Ann Dobisch portrays a Mother Maria of touching chasteness, while maintaining a luminescent soprano brilliancy.
29. October 2011 Hamburger Abendblatt: Mozart, Requiem
"The soprano Darlene Ann Dobisch quickly found an intimate expression of the music in the first high notes and painted impressive and melancholic pictures of death with her easily modulating voice."
19. May 2011 Quickborner Daily Leaf: Vivaldi, Gloria: Rutter Magnificat
Outstanding: Soprano Darlene Dobisch
10. January 2011 Cultural Circle Halstenbek: New Year's Eve Gala
"Uncrowned Queen of the Evening: Coloratura Soprano Darlene Ann Dobisch. Her dazzling voice floated seemingly featherlight over the peak of her fach. She effortlessly mastered classics such as the aria of the Queen of the Night and the Springtime Waltz from Johann Strauss Jr."
13. November 2010 Orff, Carmina Burana
"A real discovery was the soprano, Darlene Dobisch, who wonderfully mastered her coloratura with lightness and poise."
10. January 2009 Market Magasine Trittau: New Year's Concert
"...Darlene Ann Dobisch with her shining, clean, bell-like soprano in „Exsultate Jubilate“ from Mozart or caro nome from Verdi’s “Rigoletto.“ The audience was fascinated by the flexibility of this voice in the highest registers and let themselves be carried away in the packed church. ”
December 2008 Orpheus Oper International: Heydn, Orpheus und Euridike
"The strongest impression was left, however, by Darlene Ann Dobisch, who delivered the coloratura laden aria of Genio with mesmerizing brilliance"
24, May 2008 Online Music Magazine: The Magic Flute in the Subway
“Darlene Ann Dobisch, not only with her phenomenal high notes and precisely sung coloratura of the Queen of the Night, but also with a plausible expression of fury, insanity, and lust for revenge against Sarastro...
28 April 2008 Berlin Morning Post: Die Zauberflöte in der U-Bahn
“Darlene Ann Dobisch, as Queen of the Night, is a superior vocal experience“
28 April 2008 Berlin Morning Post: Die Zauberflöte in der U-Bahn
“As Queen of the night, whose delicate high notes Darlene Ann Dobisch produces calmly and with striking aplomb....“
10. January 2008 Wedel – Schulau Daily Journal: New Year`Gala
“Darlene Ann Dobisch conquered the stage... and convinced with charm and great acting ability.“
5. January 2008 Elmshorn News: New Year`Gala
“She came, sang, and conquered“ "... (Darlene Ann Dobischs) radiant soprano, versatile and a bell, slim and flexible even in the most difficult coloratura, wowed the audience."
"Your talent is ... set on an opera figure and this musically represent such characteristic demonstrates an exceptional versatility and flexibility. Be it the teasing, flippant Rosina, ... the unhappy loving Gilda, ... or the tragic Violetta, -. Every aria was vocally extremely good at negotiating and formed a cabinet piece for themselves "

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