Flora, Fauna, and a Fantastic Beast!



If flowers could talk, what would they say? Which ones would get the most likes on Instagram & Co? In Flora, Fauna, and a Fantastic Beast, you can forget about the bad weather outside and enjoy the personification of nature in music!

Philosophical snowdrops, mysterious water lilies, a fantastic, maybe even cute beast and much more come together in a concert to delight the senses and lend these classical gems a breath of fresh air.

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Solo concert series: "Saints' n Sinners!"

Saints n Sinners




Saints n' Sinners is coming to America again!

Heroic saints and shameless sinners come together in an exciting recital series! New concert dates can be found here.


the success continues ...

news german


The show continues on tour in 2020/2021 through Germany, Switzerland and more with the “DDC Breakdance” group and Darlene Ann Dobisch.
The 2020 performances are already in the calendar 2020!. Dates for 2021 are coming soon!

Breakin' Mozart Trailer

breakink mozart clip

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