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  • "Darlene Ann Dobisch"

    Berliner Morgenpost:

    “Darlene Dobisch as Queen of the Night is a superior vocal experience”

  • "Breakin`Mozart" 2023

    Mainpost: Breaking´Mozart

    The young soprano, Darlene Ann Dobisch, with her impeccably pure coloratura, contributed to the program with a highly amusing (re)interpretation of the Queen of the Night."

  • "Zauberflöte Reloaded" 2023

    Lively operatic fun with hip-hop beats and breakdance

    Mainpost: Würzburg

    In the original arias and ensembles, the theater suddenly went dead quiet. In addition to lightness and fun, this creates another level of depth that could hardly be more touching. Mozart's magic unfolds its full potential...

Current News

15.April 2024

“Magic Flute Reloaded” at the Volkstheater Rostock

As a dangerous but cool Mafia Boss, Darlene Ann Dobisch will be performing  the role she became famous for at Theater Rostock...

Due to its completely modern staging, the production will be playing three times specifically for high schools...

more info...

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